• To provide site specific solutions using Renewable energy.
  • We provide fine optimized solutions , for installation of wind, solar, micro–hydro or a combination depending on available resources. Solar energy is the most reliable and economical source, freely available to us. We strive to make the best out of it!
  • Our passion persists! Be it to light a single lamp, a home or an industrial application and provide the best possible solution.

About Us

Pavan Energy Systems was started in 2001, by V. K. Joshi, a passionate mechanical engineer. The word ‘Pavan’ (पावन) means.. Pure, Clean, Pious; which is the true nature of the boundless energy. Sensing the huge demand for clean and reliable energy option in India, we pledge to dedicate ourselves to the field of renewable energy and promise to carry the mandate which we deeply believe in.

We endeavor to reach that nook & corner of an area where grids find it difficult to reach.

As per the site conditions and requirements, using the technical expertise and vast experience of over sixteen years, the set up gets designed to meet the needs. Our turn-key solutions and services from scratch to the end make us a reliable service provider.

Latest state of art equipments and technologies are used to provide the efficient and cost effective solutions. Be assured of all our support to make the decision making process easier of various installation options, payback period and finance options.

Various options to meet site requirements:

  • Net metering using Solar power (without batteries & hence maintenance-free).
  • Storage for back up with batteries, in combination with or without grid power to provide power 24 x 7 solution.
  • Various combinations are possible Hybrid (wind + solar / wind + hydro / solar + hydro) etc to meet your needs.
  • Please refer the article published in IPI journal for more details.
    Kindly see page 14.

Our Solutions


  • Power your house and pay hardly anything for it.
  • Indian states have a comprehensive roof top solar policy and you can use the power produced from your own rooftop solar system for self-use.
  • Use your roof space or any unused space to install solar panels and produce electricity. Feed it back into the grid or, if you want store it to be used later.
  • This is ‘net metering’, This is PV (PhotoVoltaic) technology which enables the solar panels to use the power of the sun to convert to electricity.


  • The power of the sun for your business. Makes good business sense:

    Wherever power is needed.


  • Our setups are maintenance free still in case if necessary leave it to us.
  • We take care of all the issues for service which includes regular maintenance, part replacement and with our maintenance contract you are assured peace of mind which is optimum for the life of the product.

Our Products


  • Make use of the wet waste / kitchen & garden waste to have valuable gas that can be used for cooking / heating.
  • Slury left after gas is ideal manure
  • No smell or any other pollution.
  • This way the effective disposal of wet waste will help in keeping surroundings tidy, clean, insects-free and hygienic..
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Fuel From Plastic

  • Patented, proven technology
  • Many plants of various capacities installed at prestigious client's places have been working satisfactorily for many years
  • Plastic of any type & in any shape can be handled
  • No need to segregation or cleaning
  • Complete process environment friendly- NO POLLUTION of any kind
  • Simple working procedure- unskilled staff can be trained to operate
  • Excellent business proposition - the plant will be a self sustainable profit making businessd
  • WIN-WIN situation for everyone including the nation & humanity at large!
  • Excellent business proposition - the plant will be a self sustainable profit making businessd
  • WIN-WIN situation for everyone including the nation & humanity at large!
  • The generated oil can be direct replacement for kerosene, diesel, LDO or furnace oil
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Our Installations

A picture is worth a thousand words…
  • Practically every type of roof has been used and can be used to install Solar set up.
  • Covered area can be used for various applications.
  • The references and recommendations that we keep getting time and again from satisfied users, give us the much needed delight and inspiration to do more.

On Going Installations

Sr.No Location Capacity (kva) Type of setup User
1. Katraj 9.6 Rooftop solar with net meter IT company
2. Chinchwad 33.6 Rooftop solar with net meter Industrial setup
3. Islampur 6.4 Rooftop solar with net meter Hospital
4. Kothrud(pune) 2.88 Rooftop solar with net meter Residencial banlow
5. Satara 2.7 wind +solar (battery backup system) Agro farm
6. Bhusari colony (Pune) 10.24 Rooftop solar with net meter IT Company
7. Sus Road(pune) 2.5 Rooftop solar with net meter Residential Application
8. Sind Society Aundh (Pune) 11.7 Rooftop solar with net meter Residential Application
9. Bhor 5.76 Rooftop solar with net meter Hospital
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FSI consumed fully?
Solar! Legal cover!

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Industrial unit
with roof-top solar

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Top view of
a Solar plant

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Slant roof
Solar power

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Site solution

Please click here to see our videos for better insight.


Whether you have a question to ask, want to check if we can help reduce your electricity bill or need a new system , reach out to us and we will get back to you.
We want to hear from you.